Sunday, 16 October, 2011

My Times and Changes in Bhutan- At Glance

I was born on 4th August 1981 as per my official document though I am not sure of exact date, as my mother's claim of lunar calendar was different. But it does not make any difference as far as I was born in this generation.

I thank my mother and father for giving me life in this generation. I should consider myself a man in the “Era of Change” in Bhutan. I clearly remember numbers of historic occasions which has unfolded and become a history daily and worth reciting as your daily prayer.
It date backs from that day I could remember myself as young boy witnessing and celebrating the “Silver Jubilee” an 25th Anniversary of the reign of his Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuk, a Forth Druk Gyelpo of Bhutan on 2 June, 1999. It was such a joyous occasion enjoyed our best, though it was without much understanding the significance of a day at that point of time other than enjoying the beauty of lightening street across the Phuentsholing and Thimphu town and music and smiling faces all over. Today, if I reflect it was simply a significant day where our people paid its homage and commemorate the outstanding achievement of His Majesty who has inherited the country at the age of 17 with very little of infrastructure and that we today associate with a modern state. It was a celebration of achievement and fulfilment of dream of his late father Third Druk Gyelpo Jigme Dorji Wangchuk who mentionedIf I were to make a prayer, I would ask that during my son's reign the people of my country would be far more prosperous and happy than they are today.”
Ever since the enthronement at the very young age, His Majesty has worked tirelessly pursuing the dreams of his late father to bring peace and happiness to the people of our country  and developed a unique development philosophy of ‘Gross National Happiness’ which today has become a hot cake in every part of the world.
It was in the same year the first TV and Internet services got introduced in the our country as part of celebration of Silver Jubilee and everyone today knows where we stand. If not we are moving ahead comparing to other developing nations we are not lacking behind defiantly.
In 1999, as a major step towards democratization, the king dissolved the cabinet and elected a Council of Cabinet ministers and elected present PM, Jigme Y. Thinley as first Chair.
One moment that I will never forget nor all Bhutanese should dare to forget was those days when our country was undergoing so much of difficult times ever since ULFA and Bodo militants illegally occupying our territory. Our Country has done all it can to peacefully resolve the issues however it fell deaf on their ear  and with all option exhausted had to finally resort to military option on December 16, 2003.
I was in Sherabtse College and I clearly recalled our audience with His Majesty the Forth Druk Gyelpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk on his way to Samdrupjongkhar leading troops himself to fight for the nation and mentioning about the difficult situation our country is going through at that point of time. Even now when I write this sentence I can’t help myself of tears in my eyes and my heart aches. More than that the most disheartening was to hear that some section of our Bhutanese failed to rise when the country needed them the most. So, today if you are considering and claiming yourself as patriotic and dedicated, give a second thought and recall those times. I will never forget that moment our King himself led just 3000-4000 troops and fought the mighty forces and successfully flushed out from our soil. Today, I salute those sons of “Peldon Drukpa” and my condolences for the family members who lost their dear and near ones (a common man) in that operation and with my two folded hands would like to submit my gratitude to our beloved King and his troops. Of course not also to forget our religious body and people who served the most at the ground. Today we are enjoying the fruits of your sleepless night and tirelessly dedicated service.

.... to be continued....

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