Tuesday, 30 August, 2011

How could that really happen? And who really design?

Sometime when I reflect that short moment of time I started and ended my story, I wonder how really it could happened all things within that short time and why it happens without much of control over it.

I am wondering why I choose to review those pictures at that time.

I am wondering why she did not answer my text on time as she used to do before.

I am wondering why my computer got hanged at that particular time where it did not happened at all before

I am wondering why I felt thirsty at that particular moment which usually do not happen to me

I am still wondering why I did not transfer the data from card to my computer which I usually prefer.

It all begin at 12.30 PM when I wanted to go through the shots I have taken during the past few days weekends of my trip to Ilocos Norte in northern Philippines and wanted to upload few shots which are worthy enough to be posted on my facebook account. I opened my computer and inserted the SD card of camera and browsed through the shots I have taken and excited enough to have a quick review which happened to be a final account of my memories. I was excited to post few of the shots on facebook as usual and in process of uploading, I decided to get the prior consent of concern people to post their images and I text her if I can post some of her images, but did not answer immediately as she used to do earlier. Within few minutes, my computer got hanged and could not open any of the files and I choose to power shutdown and restart the computer. When my computer was restarting, I decided to take out the SD card to speed up the restarting process. And in due time, as never happened before I was feeling thirsty and wanted to go out just few meters away from lobby to get some drinks and I remember that the SD card was in my hand while I went out to get my drinks. I came back to my place and login to my PC and during that time one of my friends came to me and asked if I have a time to play a game of Ping Pong. For about 10 minutes we played a game and then I went back to my work. I saw a message from her granting her permission to upload the pictures. And when I wanted to finally upload the pictures, I simply realized that I lost the SD card of camera and my efforts to search went in vain.   

If at any time if someone returns that SD card, I will be happy enough to pay them a double amount of worth in cash of that SD card. For me, I am not concerned with just a simple lost of the SD Card, but the sweet memories it contains. I blame myself for being careless and being absent minded but at the same time I was reflecting why it happens in such a sequential manner?

If I have not chosen to review the memories at that particular time I may not have lost the card. If she answered the text immediately, I might have uploaded all the pictures on facebook and memories must have been saved. If my computer did not get hanged at that moment and did not opt for restarting I am sure card will be there, If I were not thirsty at that particular moment I may not have gone out and If I simply must have the transferred the data to my computer the images will be there now but it all did not happened and what happened was the sequential acts which led to result of losing card with those sweet memories.

I am aksing myself whose Will it is? Not definitely mine.  And some religion says it is will of God, where human plays a role of actor. But I am confident enough to say that with just lost of those pictures in SD card the memories do not get delete from my mind and I am sure I can clearly remember and reflect the moments to my end. So, if it is a punishment to me, it is too light and if it happens for best, I don’t believe so.



  1. Sad to learn that you lost your SD card, :( I really enjoy your shots. Hope you will get the card back. Good wishes.

  2. hi au..same thing happened to me when my laptop was stolen...every memory gone in a blink of an eye...but i sincerely hope that you get your SD card back..