Thursday, 22 April, 2010

Love in 80's

For me, the experiencing of rural life has been always a joy and a platform to learn and get to know something which gives values in my life. With even a minute to get along with people of rural area, it gives me a pleasure to understand their life style and share their feelings.

Rangtse village is under Gakiling Gewog in Haa Dzongkhag located at the walking distance of two days from the nearest road point at Tegola. In the village, a man called Ap Dumchoe is still found to be a popular figure and holds his own share over the community with his well track record of serving the community and nation in times of needs. His well verse speech still holds the upper hand to convince any of the listeners and makes him or her to analyze the meaning in between the lines.

I was told by one of my friend that Ap Dumchoe loves a women in the same community in her mid 60s. Are you sure? I asked my friend. He just laughed and remarked that both of them are enjoying the beauty of secret love. With utter disbelieve, I smiled and passed on……

In the evening, I made a visit to his house and find him holding a Tongpa (Local name of Drink) and enjoying each and every sip. Kuzu Zangpo la….please take sit...said Ap Dumchoe and offered me a Tongpa. Over a Tongpa, our conservation started and I asked How old are u Apa? Only 80 an instant reply. How many children do you have? Just Nine …he replied. I was bit nervous with his optimist answer and followed him closely and asked, how about the mother of those children? She passed way 20 years back, said Ap Dumchoe with very low tone indicating that he still remembers her.

If so, what makes him love again at his age? I wondered and out of curiosity asked him about his affairs with Aum Tshering Biddha? He smiled and said “Lo Gayrung Sem Megaybay” (literally means although age becomes older mind remains young). Yes, I do love her said Ap Dumchoe and shares his story on how he pretend and goes to collect Betel Leaf Pani near the house of Am Tshering Bidha just to get a glimpse of his dear and near one.

From his words and emotion, I could somewhere feel that there is a difference in definition of love for him and what actually all of us believe and define Love. However, I could not think much beyond that and believed to be just a fantasy and dream of Ap Dumchoe.

With time goes on, I got an opportunity to visit that village after couple of months and for second time my brain has to trouble more on the latest news of Ap Dumchoe getting happily married to Aum Tshering Bidha. For a break, I went to his place and offered my Tashi Delek to a most loveable couple seen in my life.

Definitely, I feel I do not posses enough intellectual to understand their relationship so I stop here for all readers to make your own judgment and rationale behind.

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