Thursday, 8 April, 2010

Local Government Development & Rural Economy Development Policy

Working in the Local Government for the past four and half years, I personally felt that Local Government has undergone lots of dynamic changes. and share few of my thoughts here;

Firstly, I would like to share few issues pertaining to current Local Government;

1. Unilateral approach by different Sectors without clear common vision and objectives. Besides, no clear strategies being develop by any of the local government.

2. Lack of clear policies governing local government

3. Lack of capacity of the Local elected functionaries

4. Very limited research works and papers on the functioning system of the local government and lack of timely feed back.

5. Conventional way of preparing Plans by the Local government and duplication of Plans and Programmes

6. Lack of implementation capacity

7. Not very clear linkages with the central government

8. Lack of resources

So, considering the above critical issues faced by the local government, the need of Rural Economy Development has been a long over due. Following are few of my recommendation and suggestion;

1. The development of clear Vision, Mission, objectives and strategies of the local government and synchronize the sectoral policies with common goals of the local government.

2. The capacity development of local elected functionaries is very important and more institute and programmes needs to be initiated to create a room for the capacity development of the local functionaries.

3. The need to create a research division and develop the capacity at the local government to come up with timely intervention.

4. Shift focus of Conventional Approach of planning into more of dynamic and innovative planning.

5. The capacity development programme for the local government officials needs to be reviewed and more strategic approach has to develop by organization responsible for Local Government.

6. More Autonomy and decentralization is needed at the local government interms of Human Resource Development.

7. Develop clear bylaws, Rules and Regulations inline with different Acts governing the Local Government.

8. The clear linkages need to be develop between different bodies at the central government and local government.

9. One premium organization/body will have to be established which would be fully responsible for the governance of Local Government.

10. The production based approach of the Ministry of Agriculture & Forest needs to be changed into Marketing based approach.

11. The input based subsidy needs to be changed into marketing based subsidy.

12. The cooperatives based society needs to be encouraged and civil societies needs to be get involved in local government.

Following are few steps & action taken by Government which could help developing the Rural Economy Development Policy;

1. Passing of Local Government Act

2. Development of Strategic Planning Framework which focuses on development of Vision and strategies for Local Government by GNHC and Royal Institute of Management

3. Development of Local Development Planning Manual

4. Integrated Capacity Building Programme

5. Shifting the approach of Ministry of Agriculture

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