Friday, 16 October, 2009

End of ToT Workshop on PLaMS at Paro

The 2nd batch of five days ToT workshop on PLaMS ( Planning and Monitoring and System) is being organized by the GNHC and the participants include Planning Officers from all 20 Dzongkhags and few from agencies and ministries.

The PLaMS is an web based system that will be used in the 10th Plan as standard monitoring and evaluation format and it will be further intergreated with MYRB system and PEMS  in the stages of development by the Department of Budget and Dept. of Public Accounts respectively.

With the implementation of the intergreated web based system in the governemnt, it is expected to address the issues of lack of monitoring and evaluation at the local government level and will further facilitate us to give the feedback on time the decission maker.

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