Monday, 23 November, 2009

Result Based Managment Workshop

Result Based Management (RBM)Training Workshop at Bangkok

The members of 13 officials from the different ministries, agencies and Dzongkhgags are presently undergoing RBM training in Sripatum University at Bangkok. The course organized by GNHC in collaboration with International Continuing Education Centre at Bangkok. The course was commenced from 22nd of November and scheduled to ends by 27th of November, 2009. It was inline with government policies of developing Human resources in 10th FYP.

The RBM concept was first introduced in Bhutan with preparation of 10th FPY document in year 2007.The RBM being internationally accepted as successful management tools for the pan development programme, the government decided to introduce the subject as one of the tools for achieving the objectives of 10th Five Year Plan. The lesson during the training includes following;

1. Key Concepts, Principles and process of RBM
2. Logic Model Components
3. Development of KPI and Measurement
4. RBM Monitoring and Evaluation.

Apart from training, the officials are enjoying their best with the life of Bangkok including the sight seeing, night life and shopping.

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