Tuesday, 29 September, 2009

Haa Tsechu Ended

The three days Haa Tsechu ended on 28th of September, 2009 with Tashi Laby at around 5.30 PM. The Tsechu has attracted thousnads of people in around Haa Dzongkhag. The people from the near by Dzongkhag like Paro also joined the celebration. It was observed as ocassion where the families get together with eest of their dresses and enjoying the taste of delicious meals.

The Tsechu days also economically benefits many of the shopekepers withing the Haa Dzongkhag and few from Paro and Thimphu Dzongkhag. The screening of the Bhutanese movies were found to be one of the lucrative business with almot all the house getting full. With the banning of gamblings during the Tsechu, the Police with the help of Dzongkhag officials were strictly monitoring the situation and sensitizing the general public on the matters.

Unlike past years, we could also see few of the tourists witnessing the Tsechu despite of the economic down turn and H1N1 pandamic. The Tourism Council of Bhutan in collaboration with the Dzongkhag is doing the works on Developing Haa Dzongkhag as one of the Tourism Destination inline with the strategies of 10th plan document.

with the successful completion of the Tsechu, the preperation are in full swing to cebebrate the Raising Day of the IMTRAT which is scheduled to begin by October 4th - 6th with lots of entertainments.

Come one and all enjoy ......

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