Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Relief Fund for the victims of the Earth quake and storm wind

As you all are aware of that the earth quake and the storm wind has hits the eastern part of the Dzongkhags and affected the lives of many our citizens and i deeply pay my symapthy to the victims of the such unfortunte disaster. I pray for the early normalcy of the situation.

The Government under the wise leadership of His Majesty has initiated variuos immediate relief and emargancy support in affected dzongkhags of Mongar, Trashigang,Pemagatshel, Lhuntse and other parts of region.

As a responsible Citizen, all of us are equally responsible to help those victims in our ways, the Dzongkhag Administration, Haa under the initaition of the Dzongdag is working on contributing the cash on the voluntary basis for the Relief Fund.

" Let us all join our hands to support the victims of unfortunate earth and storm of the East"

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