Thursday, 17 November, 2011

My message and best wishes to students in Bhutan

Now the time has come to ripe the fruits of your hardworking for a long academic year and I know each one of you will do well. I can feel the pain and stress you go through at this point of time and my prayers are with you all to bless with all the powers to do best in your examinations.

Personally, I don’t feel logic in doing examinations and I wish the system should have never been introduced in education system. But, reality is always different and every one of you should take that as an opportunity and never consider as stressful times.

Don’t worry about passing or failing in exam, each moment of life is an exam and as far as you succeed in life that is most important. Remember, most of the scientist, thinkers, leaders, musician, celebrities  and other icon people in world have failed in one point of time amongst which include Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Socrates, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Elvis Presley, and many more.

Every individual has his/her own unique talents and features. Nurturing yourself with values plays a greater role in life. Academic achievements not necessary guarantee a success in your life. It depends on many factors in and around you. That is the beauty of life.

Sometime, it is very unfortunate and sad situation that our youth commits suicide for not being able to perform well in examination.  Children’s are not only responsible it is even the parents who demands too much from their children. Parents try to enforce their greed’s and unfulfilled desires through their sons and daughters and that is where we go wrong. Parent’s job will be best if we can facilitate and nurture them with values instead of imposing the will.

My messages to all our youth at this critical time is to give your best, believe in yourself, keep faith in God and never give too much stress to yourself. Values in life are beyond Examinations.


  1. I too join sir to wish all fellow friends a very best of luck in their exams....

  2. Thanks Sangay..