Friday, 11 November, 2011

Historic Day of 11-11-11 in Bhutan

A Tribute to Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk
11th November every year is a day that Bhutanese cannot forget in his/her life. It was on that auspicious day of 11th November, 1955 our beloved father, the fourth King of Bhutan, Jigme Singye Wangchuk was born in Dechenchholing Palace to late third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk and Ashi Kesang Choden Wangchuk.

Enthronement of King in 1974
I will share few things, not about the life of King but a simple ordinary serving and loyal person who has to sacrifice everything for his own people. He scarified his youth life and had to assume the throne at the age of 17 upon dismiss of his late father King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk. He lives in a simple log cabin at Samteling which even do not qualify as palace and most Bhutanese own such houses.

He has served the people of Bhutan for last 34 years until he abdicated the throne to his eldest Son fifth King Jigme Khesar Namgay Wangcuk voluntarily in 2006. Here is the King, where the devolution of power goes down to people voluntarily and formed a Constitutional Democratic Monarchy from the absolute Monarch despite people submitting their pleas not take such decision and stick on Genja of 1907 where his forefather Gongser Ugyen Wangchuk, who unified the country and unanimously accepted and enthroned as first hereditary King of Bhutan by the people and thereby bringing end to all the civil disturbances in the country. Bhutan must be only the country with Constitution which requires King to abdicate his throne at the age of 65 and introducing a system of voting no confidence in the king. The provision comes not on demand of the people on street like other countries, but the directives to incorporate such provisions came from the Throne despite people’s plea not to take such decisions on every occasion. Instead, King himself went around the country and met with his people, talked with them and reminded time and again the long term interest of people and country.

Fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuk
The country has been successfully transacted from the absolute Monarch to a model and youngest democracy which befits small nation like Bhutan who is located between two giant nations of China and India. The transaction was not at all a onetime measure, but a subsequent process starting 1981 with formation of Dzongkhag Yargay Tshogdu and Gewog Yargay Tshockchung in 1991. The decision making powers has been devolved at the grass root level and people’s participation was thrust in every plans and programmes.

 The Gross National Happiness, a philosophy which is now being looked upon as an alternative model of development in the international arena and many economist, sociologist, leaders are interested upon was primarily founded by no other than simple and humble servant King himself.

I am sure His Majesty at that age of 17, may not have imagine or thought that his simple and profound vision would one day become a talk of nations around the world, but it was just a mere dedication to his people and mentioned that progress of his country will be measured by Happiness of people and not a GDP. And ever since the enthronement at the very young age, His Majesty has worked tirelessly pursuing that dreams and he also wanted to achieve the dreams of his late father King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk who mentioned that “If I were to make a prayer, I would ask that during my son's reign the people of my country would be far more prosperous and happy than they are today.” And today every one of us enjoys the fruits of his tirelessly and dedicated efforts.

Fourth King and Fifth King of Bhutan
He is not only a King but protecting deity of our country. He led the small troops and had to go and flush out the militants of ULFA and Bodo who has been illegally occupying our territory. The country who believes in peace has tried all measures to resolve the issues peacefully and when our plea fell deaf on their ears, finally we had to resort to military actions and successfully flushed out from our soil in December 2003.

He is a father who brought up a son of Bhutan, who today known as People’s King around the world and continue to uphold the legacy of Wangchuk dynasty ad serve the people with utmost dedications.

What Bhutan has today and its proud face on global agenda are fruits of selfless dedicated works of our beloved monarchs and full credit goes to our fourth King Jigme Singe Wangchuk. There are no other dreams for His Majesty then to serve his people. The interest of the people and country remains always a priority for him.

Today, on this historic day I joined my Bhutanese family to wish our beloved fourth King a Happy and Long Life.


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