Sunday, 23 October, 2011

For every Man-Made Problem there is Man-Made Solution.

Yes I am proud and I will be proud enough to be called myself a Bhutanese and a man from the Land of GNH because I have more reasons to do so. But at the same time I have more reasons to think and worry as citizen belonging to the Land of Shangrila with changes taking place in our country and more so the increasing trend of social issues which includes suicide, rape, murder and more.

Yesterday, neither cases of suicide reported in Samtse College and just day before in Gedu College. Referring the past records (, for me personally is alarming rate. Is it not time for Land who believes happiness as ultimate goal to think more and do more? For me, there are more we can do and it is time now to start.

Firstly, Government should be sensitive and responsible enough even if one citizen especially youth commits suicide, rape or murder. Government should not wait for the absolute numbers to increase but look into it from the angle of proportion to its size of population and learn some lessons. Japan currently is country which is considered to be a country with highest suicide rate and if we do some proper study, who knows Bhutan may not be far away and if not late it is not early for the government to get it alarm and not only to initiate the measures but do more effectively to cope with changes in times. For nation like ours, we cannot effort to wait for the absolute numbers to increase and even if single citizen commits suicide, rape or murder government should be sensitive enough.

Secondly, Society has role to play and with the changing times the social issues are bound to happen and it is responsibility of the society involving every citizen to think and come up with measures. Yes, perhaps I think we can even now proudly claim that our country must be the last country who still values the community harmony with families, friends, neighbours and social gathering considered a highest priority  in individual’s life. But if we don’t do more, the time will not be far away, where all those living culture in our country will become like a fairy tale like in other parts of world. For now, we have to ask ourselves a question, how far our relationship with families, friends and neighbours has changed. It is now no more a surprise to say I don’t know who lives next to my door? Fathers and mothers wanted to go to Australia and USA to earn dollars and families are left behind, the divorce rate increasing with women claiming more rights without values, people do not have time to spend with families where they are more economic drive and many more. It is time now to question ourselves and find where the chain has been broken.

Yes, Religious body has definitely a role to play. There are programmes being initiated but the snail pace is hardly coping up with fast changing times. Instead, our Trulkus, Rinpoches, Khenpos and Lamas are busy in western world including Taiwan and Singapore with dollars flying around which I think is not really a Buddhist principle. It is time now to ‘Think out of Box’ and revaluate the happenings around us.

Media and NGO’s has greater role to play. Why don’t Media ask the government, whether the cases that has happened in past is alarming enough for them to think and do more? Why don’t our NGOs do more research and educate the people and suggest the government a measures. Do we need more numbers to act? If not late it is not at all early.  

Bhutan has lots of treasure which we cannot effort to loose. For centuries, our forefathers and especially our successive Beloved Monarch through their farsighted vision have been able to hand it down to the generations. And it is equally responsible for our generation to pass down those valuable treasurers to next generation at least if not better, the same we have inherited from our forefathers.

Yes, we may not be able to solve all those social issues especially in times of such a fast changing world, but defiantly we can minimize the effects if we start thinking now and individually take the responsibility.

It is my sincere request to every citizen now to think out of box, make someone responsible especially the government through asking questions, learn to give a constructive ides and above all not to forget that we are Bhutanese and responsible lies with each one of to make our society a better living place and further more work for the cause of Humanity.

No doubt, Every Man-Made problem has a Man-made solution.    



  1. Yab its high time that we wake up and act accordingly. I think media should play vital role here in print as well as broadcast. It will better if they bring issues before things misshape rather than just informing after everything happened, better not to go for always the stories of Brokpas and other useless things in print media etc...

    agree with you sir...

  2. Kudos to you Lekey sir. It in deed is very sad to hear such incidences; and it is even more than contrasting to happen in a country where everyone speaks of GNH.

  3. Dear Sangay and Karma,

    Thanks for the support. And help our fellow citizens as much as u can and spread the meesage.