Saturday, 6 August, 2011

Serive Industry in Bhutan

Bhutan has a long history connection of Service providing if one realizes. If we go to some of the rural areas, we still see those services prevailing in such a organized way. Over a time, the culture of service providing has lost its way with people always striving for economic benefits. Over the last 5 years, government invested huge amount to improve the public delivery services. The initiating of G2C under the ABSD is one such programme. But I still wander when our forefathers and ancestors without much of  eduction and money could exchange services among each other, why not in the modern days?

It is quite irony though encouraging to see PM reminding the people of Service Industry, what is all about service? I wish the same initiative could be taken up with MoHCA, MoH and Land Commission and for that matter,other ministries as well for the benefit the common people. I believe it is equally important to serve our own people before serving others, so that every Bhutanese can show their smiling faces to the guest. Our bureaucratic, supposed to be the qualified and most respected group in society has lost some of that values in life. In process of earning masters degree, PhD and recognition, we have lost the great values of our forefathers.

Let us question ourselves today, what will be the future of our service industry if the present trend continues?  I am quite skeptical with eduction system we have at the moment. To be practical enough, it is very fact that a child born in Thimphu and received his education knows about the pig in class but get surprise and ask what is this? when he sees the pig in real. I think it is high time that the so called specialist and expertise in Bhutan realizes the same and do something before it is too late.

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