Friday, 29 July, 2011

Balance between Development and GNH Philosophy

Bhutan with farsighted  vision of our beloved Monarchs today, is still a plain paper unlike other country with almost no space to write anything. We have an option still opened either to starts writing from the top, middle or bottom. If we want, we can write it in a sequence manner or just hapazards manner to fill up the paper as soon as possible. But remember, once we have finished writing it is very difficult to rearrange. That is exactly what the developed countries are trying to do with rearranging the things they wrote in past.

Today the message of PM in Kuensel is clear that we don't want to go on haphazard manner ; But I am not sure how long it can sustain. The present government as part of earlier team could stand high on GNH philosophy. But the question we may have to ask ourselves is, who will further take up that development philosophy? Today the issue is with Mineral Development Policy between Ministry of Economic Affairs and GNH Commission, but tomorrow may be between other agencies. If that trend continues, I am sure Bhutan will experience a disaster more sever than natural disaster. The fourth King's slogan of "One Nation One People" will have to keep guiding our nation .If not in the society where more people get educated with modern education without values, there will be more of difference in opinion and our country with mere population of 6,00,000 plus cannot effort to experiment.

Along with our identity in the international faces with the icon of Happiness, I think it is important to clear our own differences and have a common understanding of philosophy among the Economist, Socialist, Politician and Local Government within our home. So, that we can lead an example and continue providing a leadership as mentioned by Prime Minister recently.

As GNH is a subject with absolute value, so there is no question of will against that. But the approaches to the attainment of that value is not as smooth as what we think of. It will be always challenging especially as developing country.  Yet I believe, if we start can be achieved tomorrow.


  1. hi leki...nice article, i absolutely agree with you especially with the last paragraph..i think the difference lies with them because of the economic pressure such as unemployment, trade deficit, what i think they should do is lay out clear objective both means and ends to do if the proposal is to create 1000 jobs in next financial year, it should also come with how, what, where and why, and not just set out to pursue those.

  2. @Pema..I is true that we need to do more. We have lots do home before we could guide others