Saturday 27 October, 2012

My own Reflections of Facebook and Twitter Status

Following are some of my own random status updates over the years quoted from the Twitter and Facebook Account.

  1. The fact of matter is that until the policy makers or an economy placed importance to population at the bottom of pyramid. The dream of social wellbeing will be far fetch.
  2. Closing your eyes is not meditation, which many people make mistakes. It is beyond that.
  3. If you find your happiness in other's happiness, perhaps you understand the fundamental values of life
  4. You just realize that It doesn't matter which part of continent you buy the products it is marked “made in china", that is Globalization.
  5. I doubt the sustainability of Tourism Industry in Bhutan in long run with the given mode of structure of operations without any direct benefits to the communities. Community Based Tourism has to be the alternative solution
  6. Our leaders who work and share similar ideas with Economist like Joseph E. Stiglitz and Jeffery Sach don’t walk the talk on importance of Equality.
  7. I think GNH survey should include sexual satisfaction variables. Like it or not, sex plays major role in one's happiness level
  8. The way we look into Migration should shift the focus in Bhutan, from reactive to proactive measures and pessimist to optimist measures.
  9. The Relationship statuses on FB are no different from values of shares in stock exchange keeps on changing now and then.
  10. LG Act was enacted based on principle of Decentralization. However, we function based on practise of De-concentration. Time for Change.
  11. If you use heart more than brain in any decision, you will never regret and be able to live a peaceful life
  12. I get surprised when some leaders talk like Socialist but live the life of capitalist
  13. In the democratic set up of world, is important to keep eyes and ears open. But more important is to keep your mind open
  14. If people start thinking of ruling the self than ruling the world, the world would have been better place to live in
  15. The real winner will be someone who Win despite losing in his/her life
  16. I don't have problem with people enjoying their dinner or drinks in Taj Hotel, it is their fortune. But hate when they talk and decide the life and happiness of street people.
  17. Can anyone tell me the logic of “Mission on Moon or Mars" when we could not understand the earth fully.
  18. Until Research becomes the foundation of Laws in Bhutan, the implementation issues will be alway there. We cannot make laws mere on perception
  19. Why one should be afraid of falling on ground that is where you will germinate
  20. The Fundamental Principle of Religion is different from Culture and practise. Until we understand this, there will be conflict among religions
  21. To understand basic teachings of Buddha and Buddhism, you must be able to celebrate death and birth equally
  22. Addiction is not all about Drugs and alcohol. Even People can be addicted to power, profit etc. that makes world difficult to live in.
  23. Some time I am thinking our MPs over the last years, must have shifted their bracket from poor to rich. they started loving Pro-rich policies
  24. Bad part of FB and social networking is losing human touch
  25. When rich robs from poor, it is called Enterprising and when poor do the same it is called robbery.  
  26. Optimism is all about finding God in Hell.

Personally, FB and Twitter serve as my own reflections diary.


Saturday 3 December, 2011

Who can learn from Mr Tashi Dawa, a driver and a GNH Citizen?

Tashi Dawa with PM of Bhutan - Photo Courtesy Bhutan Observer

So happy that Mr. Tashi Dawa, a driver who returned a bag full of money worth 6.8M to his owner was commended by Prime Minster and rewarded Nu. 50,000 from Government side for showing an example to the people of Bhutan.(Read More) I think he deserves all kinds of rewards or awards for his exemplary action.

But I am still in dilemma, what would have happened if that bag went to the hand of one minister, Trulku and Rinpoche’s, DHI members, business tycoon or  else in hand of any higher income group people? I am sure politician could have solved their problems of unlimited desire of pays and perks, Trulkus and Rinpoches could have travelled more in western countries, senior bureaucrats or DHI member may not ask for further salary hike. Or for business people they could have established neither business to fulfil their greed.

The list may continue and difficult for me to come to conclusion. So, I leave to the readers for your own analysis and judgment.

Prime Minister rightly commended him and everyone  of us have a reason to learn from a simple driver, truely a GNH citizen. More importantly, I think our ministers, politician, DHI members, senior bureaucrats and business tycoon could learn more on GNH values from him.

His message is clear that money is not everything. For me personally it is even more complex when I put myself in the shoes of Mr. Tashi Dawa. But he did that with clear consciousness and values that make each one of us proud today.

My due honour and appreciation goes to Mr. Tashi Dawa for his exemplary work and pray at the same time for more sons and daughters with his values be born in Bhutan especially in the families of higher income group.